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Anti Allergy with Probiotics


Probiotic Anti-Allergy Spray300ml

Probiotic Solution to Allergic Problems
Allergens originating from dust mites, cats and dogs reach humans through skin contact or inhalation, causing dust mite allergy and mite allergies.
Causes pet allergies.
Pippet Probiotic Spray eliminates allergic reactions by neutralizing allergens,
Provides comfortable breathing.

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What is allergy?

How do probiotics prevent allergies?

We have prepared a blog where you can find information on many topics such as allergies, probiotics, sustainable cleaning and hygiene, ways to protect against allergies.

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Probiotic for Humans

Supports digestive health, Strengthens the immune system, Supports skin health,

It supports mental health.


Probiotics are microorganisms that have positive effects on human health by consuming live microorganisms.

Probiotic for Animals

Probiotics for animals are powerful, containing live microorganisms.


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