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★We constantly encounter the question of whether our probiotic hand gel is as good as known hand disinfectants. We answer;No. Pippet Probiotic hand gel is not as good as them, it is much better!
★Pippet probiotic hand gel is different from classical disinfectants and is produced using modern technology. It has superior protection against harmful microorganisms. 


₺329.00 Regular Price
₺279.00Sale Price
  • It protects the skin's moisture balance and natural oil layer.

    It provides long-term protection without causing the skin to dry.

    Available for all of skin types.

    It is not a medicine.

    Why is probiotic hand gel better than disinfectants?
    Ordinary disinfectants kill most bacteria and viruses, dead microorganisms remain on the surface of the hand.
    It negatively affects the oil and protein structure in the skin.
    It is harmful to healthy skin flora (microbiome).
    It is only effective for a few minutes. Since its effect lasts for a very short time, it cannot protect against infections.
    Probiotic hand gel is; It removes viruses and harmful microorganisms with its cleaning effect. Only probiotics remain on the skin surface.
    This biological cleaning is similar to cleaning with soap.
    It is very beneficial for hand micro flora as it actively supports good bacteria.
    Probiotics remain active for hours, providing maximum protection by reducing the risk of re-infection and harborage of harmful bacteria and viruses.

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