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★Pippet Probiotic Dish Gel thoroughly cleanses hand-washed dishes from grease and dirt.
★It provides microscopic hygiene, preserves the natural moisture balance of the hands and does not dry your skin. It prevents bad odor, harmful bacteria and biofilm formation in sinks and drains.

PIPPET ♡ PROBIOTIC DISH GEL 500ml 'hand wash'

₺269.00 Regular Price
₺229.00Sale Price
  • Real cleaning occurs by cleansing the visible areas from dirt, preventing microscopic biofilm formations, and maintaining the bacterial balance in the environment.

    There are visible or invisible scratches/crack areas on our kitchen utensils (plates, pots, glasses, forks, etc.), which we use frequently and are constantly exposed to organic contamination. These areas are perfect shelters for harmful bacteria. (Biofilm)

    Dishwasher cleaners containing harmful chemicals cannot clean these formations and leave microscopic chemical residues on seemingly clean dishes.

    It is not possible to talk about sustainable hygiene where there is no balanced microflora. A cleaning of this magnitude is only possible with probiotic cleaners.

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