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Bacterial plaque formed in the mouth accumulates on the teeth, gums and tongue, causing gum diseases. It can cause bad breath, tartar and tooth decay, pain and tooth loss. Tartar and plaque cause constant ingestion of germs and deterioration of general health.
Pippet Oral Care and Metabolism Regulator is a product designed to provide complete oral care for pets. 


429٫00₺ Regular Price
379٫00₺Sale Price
  • Contains 100% natural stabilized probiotics.
    It is suitable for all pets, including cats, dogs, birds and rodents.
    Protects oral, teeth and gum health.
    It prevents the formation of bacterial plaque.
    It removes bad breath and provides fresh breath.
    It strengthens the immune system.
    It regulates the digestive system.
    It minimizes the smell of feces.
    It is non-toxic and does not contain drugs.
    It is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
    It can be used in all age groups, puppies, adults and elderly.

  • It is a concentrated product. It is used by mixing with water.
    It does not contain odor or taste.
    Be sure to shake before use.
    Spray 3-4 times for 250 ml of water. (100 ml product is for approximately 70 liters of water)
    When you need to renew water, wash the water container with warm water and dry it.
    Always add water to the water container first, then add Oral Care Spray.

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